Play These Roleplaying Games (season 2.8)

Jon recommends the following three roleplaying games (RPGs): HARP, The Quiet Year and Numenera.

If you'd like to support this work, here are links to my two books for HARP: HARP Loot (about, well, loot), and HARP Folkways, about building meaningful, realistic cultures for game settings.

Tracy recommends these great games: Fiasco, Dread and Dungeons&Dragons, 5th edition.


Find a Con or a Meetup near you and visit. Play some games from earlier in the season or just explore and learn.

Create a character in some RPG system, or create yourself in the unforgivingly honest Time Lords.

Play a game solo, like Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Listen to some podcasts, like How We Roll or Godsfall.

Read a book about games and gaming, like Greg Toppo's "The Game Believes In You," (the actual title...not the one I made up from whole cloth in the episode..., Jane McGonigal's "Reality Is Broken," Aaron Dignan's "Game Frame,"  "Second Person," or my own offering "Level Up Your Classroom."