Characters and Avatars in Game-Based Learning and Gamified Instruction


Games we discussed in this episode include:

Call of Cthulhu

Arkham Horror

Eldrich Horror

Arkham Horror the Card Game

Forbidden Sky




Burning Wheel


Dungeons and Dragons

Star Trek RPG

Star Wars RPG

EVE Online

World of Warcraft



Betrayal at House on the Hill

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An Introduction to Using Roleplaying Games In Game-Based Learning and Gamification


One of the greatest books on the history of the tabletop roleplaying hobby is by Jon Peterson. It is called Playing At The World

Empire of Imagination is a biography of one of Dungeons&Dragons' founders, Gary Gygax.


The basic rules set to Dungeons & Dragons that Jon mentioned in the episode.

The Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game Tracy's been getting into of late. One of the great classics.

One of my enduring classics - Rolemaster.

The World of Darkness setting for those into contemporary supernatural/monster stories.

Jon's favorite RPG these days is Numenera. It's character creation system will be discussed in episodes to come.

We discussed our great experience playing Hillfolk, which you can check out at the link.



Play These Roleplaying Games (season 2.8)

Jon recommends the following three roleplaying games (RPGs): HARP, The Quiet Year and Numenera.

If you'd like to support this work, here are links to my two books for HARP: HARP Loot (about, well, loot), and HARP Folkways, about building meaningful, realistic cultures for game settings.

Tracy recommends these great games: Fiasco, Dread and Dungeons&Dragons, 5th edition.


Find a Con or a Meetup near you and visit. Play some games from earlier in the season or just explore and learn.

Create a character in some RPG system, or create yourself in the unforgivingly honest Time Lords.

Play a game solo, like Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Listen to some podcasts, like How We Roll or Godsfall.

Read a book about games and gaming, like Greg Toppo's "The Game Believes In You," (the actual title...not the one I made up from whole cloth in the episode..., Jane McGonigal's "Reality Is Broken," Aaron Dignan's "Game Frame,"  "Second Person," or my own offering "Level Up Your Classroom."

Roleplaying Board Games (season 2.7)

Some of the games we discussed in this episode include:

Arcadia Quest


Dungeons&Dragons: The Legends of Drizzt

Legends of Andor


Pathfinder: The Adventure Card Game

TIME Stories

...and no podcast would be complete if Tracy and Jon didn't talk about their favorite MMOs, Dungeons&Dragons Online and World of Warcraft.

Small World (season 2.5)

Small World is one of the best of all gateway games. Worth playing, in other worlds, to start to get a sense of the contemporary board game hobby, even if you never use it as a tool of game-based learning.

Games Discussed in this Episode:




Vinci - you can find a copy of this for about $40 on eBay.

1960: The Making of the President - recently republished by GMT Games.


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Dominion (season 2.4)

Dominion is findable at virtually any friendly, neighborhood game store. Go visit yours and you'll be good to go.

Some books to read to get a much better appreciation of medieval Europe:

Norman Cantor. "Inventing the Middle Ages."

William Manchester. "A World Lit Only By Fire."

Barbara Tuchman. "A Distant Mirror."

On metacognition in education:

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Mysterium (season 2.2)

Mysterium's Board Game Geek site:

A treatise on Victorian parlors:

An assortment of unusual Victorian parlor games:

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3: Gamifiers Get Playing, w/Tracy Wazenegger

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We referenced the following games in this podcast:


Betrayal at House on the Hill


Escape Room - there are now hundreds of these interactive puzzle games around the country. This link is to the Pittsburgh version. Great fun!

Forbidden Island


Galaxy Trucker


Letters from Whitechapel

Machi Koro


The New Science