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Game Level Learn Con18


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Some sessions include:

World of Your Class - Using the Techniques that Make MMOs Work to Transform Student Learning

In this session, educators will have an opportunity to learn about how massively multiplayer online role-playing games use a host of techniques to build engagement with players and then learn how to use those same techniques to transform lesson design and the student experience.

Social-Emotional Learning Through Game-based Techniques

Educators in this session will explore ways in which social-emotional learning objectives can be achieved using a variety of game-based techniques and strategies. The session will feature play of at least one role-playing game that the attendees will play collaboratively to demonstrate how the games work.

Real Game-Changers: Critical –Thinking Games

Many creative teachers have the excellent instinctual understanding that learning through games is not only valid, but is in many cases, crucial. However, just making a game out of giving out information doesn’t utilize this method to its fullest and most successful potential. The key to creating games, and eventually training our students to use critical thinking and analyzing skills to devise their own games lies with our ability to fashion games that in every way reflect the lessons we are trying to convey. In this workshop we will create games that match with each participant’s curriculum, and learn to model for our students how to create games that can be used both as reinforcing material or assessing the understanding of it.

Battle of the Big Ideas: Gamifying History and Humanities

Gamify any history or humanities curriculum using Battle of the Big Ideas and elicit deeper thinking and learning. Experience how this Fantasy Football Meets Enduring Understandings approach can immerse students in the themes and relevance of any historical period or humanities unit. This creative and engaging connective tool works for grades 5 and up. In this participatory workshop, learn about and play Battle of the Big Ideas and then we will explore how to make it work for your curriculum.

Fire Tag - A Game of Science for the Playground

Fire Tag is a participatory playground science experiment about California fire ecology. Come learn the game, play the game, and grow your understanding of ecology and game-based learning. You’ll leave with a new hat for your head and a new tool for your educational arsenal. Fire Tag was an Official Selection at the 2016 International Festival of Independent Games, and addresses a number of key NGSS concepts and practices.

Systems and Ecosystems

With stories, art, puzzles, and play, the Systems and Ecosystems program helps students to learn about the structure and function of systems and ecosystems. What does it mean for organisms to be interdependent? How can you make sense of the cascades of consequences created by every human action? Come learn about this new, colorful, playful curriculum, and take home a set of free tools and activities to use in your own practice.

Emergent Student Engagement Through Role Playing Games

Role playing games (RPGs) are one way to avoid teacher-centric classrooms by encouraging students to participate in an emergent, democratic environment based on a pedagogy of care rather than justice. Ron Edwards, a pioneer of RPG design, has created a theoretical model which situates role playing in a larger social. Edwards’s theoretical model will be examined through actual classroom application, which will show how an explicit creative agenda for students can change the social context and therefore the pedagogy of a gamified classroom.

Games4Justice: Designing Critical Gaming Experiences

For this session, participants will learn how Tools4Democracy!’s Call2Actions! service learning curriculum was used to develop a Games4Justice course for middle school and high school human development programs. We will analyze 3 examples of human development and community design courses that used our curriculum to create Games4Justice experiences for the community.

#SaveOurGirls: Combating Human Trafficking With Critical Gaming

#SaveOurGirls is an interactive workshop on combating human trafficking. This Forum Simulation integrates tools from Simulation & Gaming, Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), participatory theatre, humanities and human development. “#SaveOurGirls” was designed with students as part of a viral service learning campaign to educate the community on how to prevent and intervene upon human trafficking.

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