Transforming education through games, gamification and game-based learning.



I've always been a gamer - even since I was small enough to fit myself into the car piece for Monopoly. Since becoming an educator in the late 1990s, I've been exploring ways to increase student engagement with their help find ways to encourage students to take ownership of their learning. After getting my doctorate in Education from UCLA in 2011, I began to combine my interests in games and gaming with my interests in teaching and learning. Game Level Learn is an outcome of this work. Game Level Learn is a community of like-minded educators who want to learn together to explore the ways games, game mechanics and gamification can help us shape the experience of learners in our classrooms. This won't be easy work (game design is complex), but it is rewarding.

So pull up a chair, take out some dice and let's start leveling up our teaching practice together...and don't forget to listen to the podcast and join Game Level Learn's social media channels!


Jon Cassie




 Teaching Hamsterrolle at a gaming event in 2015.

Teaching Hamsterrolle at a gaming event in 2015.